First Time Bottom

June 2, 2005

I have been making more “play dates” for myself with the guys lately.  Last week, I went to Club Orlando to meet a guy I met online.  We had chatted online a bit and found that we were a pretty good match in the things we liked to do with men.  Also, we share a few kinki tastes.

Anyway, we had agreed to meet in the Jacuzzi at a certain time.  I was excited to meet him because I was going to let him fuck me.  I had not done that before with a man.  I have fucked women in the ass, and have had a woman use a strap-on on me, but never had the real thing.  Unfortunately, he was a no-show.

I decided to find someone else to play with, so I headed into the steam room.  The steam room is very hot, very wet, and very dark.  Men go in there to play.  Some play there exclusively, and some start things there and then head to another location to continue.

I went into the steam room and sat down on one of the lower level benches.  A guy came in and sat down near me, but on one level up.  He was clearly looking to play, as he sat there lightly stroking his cock.  I decided that there was no time like now.  I reached over and began to stroke his cock.  He spread his legs and thrust his crotch towards me and I leaned over to suck his cock.  I enjoyed his cock for a few minutes, but he did not want to come yet, so we separated.

I stayed in the steam room, and one of the guys who had been watching me sucking cock came over and lowered his towel.  I leaned in and began to suck his cock.  By this time, I was in a bit of a fever pitch.  A couple of other guys came over.  So, here I am sitting in the middle of a bench, there is a guy sitting next to me, and three guys standing in front of me.  I am sucking the guy right in front of me, while massaging and jacking the other two guys standing.  The guy next to me was being jacked off by the man standing in front of him.

I was getting really hot and going crazy for the cock!  I began to trade off sucking between the three guys in front of me.  After about ten or fifteen minutes, I had finished off two of the guys and decided it was time for a break.  And a shower…..

At this point, I went to my room.  One of the other ways that men hook up at the bath house is leave their room doors open.  Guys come by, and if you hit it off, then you play.

I was lying in my room, with the light low, and a guy came by.  He had been watching the show in the steam room earlier.  He came in the room, dropped his towel and began rubbing his cock on my face.  He had a great cock…about 6 inches, cut and of average thickness.  Also, his balls were completely smooth.

So, he was rubbing his hard cock on my face.  I opened my mouth and began to suck on him.  Apparently he decided that he wanted to be in charge of the situation (he had still not said a word), so he got on the bed and straddled my face.  He fucked my mouth for a few minutes, and every few strokes, he would pull out and rub his cock on my face.

When he was ready, he finally said something:  “Roll over, I am going to fuck your ass.”

I was so excited that I grabbed a condom, put it on him, lubed us up and got on my hands and knees.  I was really excited!

For what seemed like hours, he fucked me doggy style on the bed, and along the way, he reached between my legs and began to stroke my cock.  I had never felt this way before.  He must have been hitting my prostate and with the stroking on my cock, I soon came hard, all over the bed.  He came shortly thereafter, then got up and left.

When I rolled over, I realized that the door to the room had been open the entire time and we had had a bit of an audience.  Some of the guys wanted to come in and play, but I was done for the day.


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